Comments and Reviews . . .

Q.  I like what I see on HarleyButler.com. How do I let you know?

A.  Great question! Hover over “Contact Us & Reviews” in the upper-most menu bar and a drop-down will show for “What do you think of HarleyButler.com…” Click on it and you will be taken to the form to submit your review.

Q.  I bought some items from you and am very pleased with my purchase. Where do I make a comment about it?

A.  Thank you for your purchase. To leave a comment or review on a specific product, please go to the respective product page and scroll down to the Description section where you will find the Review tab. Click on the Review tab to place your review. You will need to be logged in to your HarleyButler account to do so… Please see the above question and answer on how to leave a review for HarleyButler.com.


Social Media Account Login . . .

Q.  Can I use my social media accounts to login to Harley Butler Trading Company so I don’t have to remember another set of login credentials?

A.  Yes, you can use your same login as you do for Facebook, Google, or  Twitter. Scroll down on the “My Account” page for the buttons to these platforms. You will still need to complete the “Billing” and “Shipping” addresses here as that information does not come across from your social media accounts. If you missed that step when your account was created on your visit, just click the “Addresses” button on the right side of the My Account screen.

Q.  I use different emails for my various social media accounts. Will this create a new account in the Harley Butler Trading Company, LLC, webstore for each social media account?

A.  Yes, using different emails will create separate accounts with us. That will make having all of your purchases in one account difficult, and may cause confusion with tracking your orders. We recommend using the social media account you use most often as your login.

Q.  If I don’t have a social media account, can I still create an account with Harley Butler Trading Company?

A.  Absolutely! Navigate to the “My Account” page and Register for a new account.


Shipping Options . . .

Q.  Do you offer free-shipping?

A.  Yes, on orders with a cart-total before tax and other charges over $1,000, we offer free standard dropship/curbside or ground delivery. Expedited delivery options, such as overnight FedEx or UPS, are extra.

Q.  Why is your threshold for free shipping not lower, like other online stores?

A.  Every online store has to pay a shipper to send your order. Stores with a low threshold generally are selling smaller, inexpensive items, and are able to offer a lower threshold. Or they make up the cost on other higher priced items. Because our furniture items are generally heavier and more expensive, we have a higher threshold. We will periodically have a special or offer a coupon for reduced shipping costs.

Q.  Are delivery service options available, such as bringing the furniture up the stairs to my apartment?

A.  Yes, these services, referred to as Threshold or White Glove delivery, will bring your delivery into your home. White Glove has the additional feature of setting the furniture in place and removing any packing materials from the premise. These are premium services for which additional fees will be noted at checkout if you require the service.


Customizing and Special Orders . . .

Q.  Is customization of furniture available?

A.  We presently do not offer furniture pieces that can be customized, such as selecting fabric for upholstered items. Please email us at Customer-Care@HarleyButler.com and we will be pleased to refer you to design studios that may be of assistance.

Q.  There is a particular piece of furniture I am looking for, but I don’t see it listed. Do you do special orders?

A.  If you will email us at Sales@HarleyButler.com with the manufacturer, description of the specific piece (and the SKU, if available), we will contact the manufacturer for availability.

Q.  Are the items shown all of the products offered by the various brands?

A.  No, there are many more items. We have initially included items which the various manufacturers have in stock and can ship within a 2-3 week window to fulfill your order quickly. We will be increasing the selection of items which may have a longer lead time to procure from the manufacturer due to their stock levels. We include, to the best of our knowledge, on the product pages the estimated delivery time from the manufacturer.


Wishlist and Shopping Cart . . .

Q. There are items I am interested in and want to think about. Is there a way to put them on hold?

A.  Yes, you may place the item on a Wishlist. While on the Product Page, simply click the “Add to Wishlist” button to place it on one of your lists. This does not hold the item in inventory, but placemarks what items you were searching for.

Q.  If I am a guest and want to create a Wishlist, why do I have to enter my name and email?

A.  A benefit of creating a Wishlist with your email address is that if there is a price reduction, such as a sale, then you will automatically receive an email alerting you to the lower price. Otherwise, an anonymous Wishlist will not be able to make that alert.

Q.  When I go to set up a Wishlist, it asks me to name the list. Why?

A.  Our Wishlist feature enables the guest or registered user to have more than one Wishlist, and the Wishlist name keeps them separate. With each list, you can designate it as being a Public, Shared, or Private list, which provides for levels of privacy. The Shared Wishlist is especially useful if you are choosing between items for a gift and want to share with family or friends to help you decide. With both the Public and Shared status, you can share a link to the list to make it easier for others to view. The Private status keeps the list private to only you.